Chotto Xenos

Akram Khan Company
VÅR 2022

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How does war begin? And how does it end? It depends on who is telling the story.

Inspired by Akram Khan’s award winning final full-length solo XENOS, Chotto Xenos is a captivating dance production that takes young audiences back in time, exploring the often forgotten and untold stories of World War 1 colonial soldiers, in order to shine light on our present and future.

XENOS Artistic Direction and Original Choreography Akram Khan

Chotto Xenos Direction and Adaptation Sue Buckmaster (Theatre-Rites)

Set Design Ingrid Hu
Lighting Design Guy Hoare
Original Music Domenico Angarano, inspired by Vincenzo Lamagna’s score for XENOS Sound Design Domenico Angarano & Phil Wood
Costume Design Kimie Nakano
Film & Projection Design Lucy Cash
Assistant Choreographer Nicola Monaco
Rehearsal Directors Nicolas Ricchini & Amy Butler

Dancer Guilhem Chatir or Kennedy Junior Muntanga

Producer Clare Cody-Richardson
Technical Manager Tina Fagan
Production Manager Richard Fagan
Sound Engineer Matthew Armstrong
Lighting Technician Lars Davidson
Stage Manager Marek Pomocki
Project & Tour Manager Mashitah Omar & Mai Tassinari Digital animation & motion graphics Laurie Hill

Props made by Louise Edge from LFX props & special fx
Puppets made by Naomi Oppenheim
Music recorded with Stefano Ancora, Domenico Angarano, James Browne, Nina Harries, Joost Hendrickx, Matt Holborn, Arran Kent, Stefan Knapik, Vincenzo Lamagna, Andrew Maddick, B C Manjunath, Tamar Osborn, Aditya Prakash, Clarice Rarity, Ciro Riccardi

Co-produced by DanceEast Ipswich, The Point Eastleigh, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris

Created with the support of Capital Group

Chotto Xenos and XENOS are both commissioned by 14-18 NOW: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England, and the Department for Digital,Culture, Media and Sport

Supported by Arts Council England

Special thanks to Nigel Hinds, Jenny Waldman, Sarah Goodfellow, Liz Robertson, Tania Wilmer, Ashlie Nelson, Sacha Lee, Elizabeth Wolton, Susannah Burke, Brendan Keaney, Helen Dawson, Ole Birkeland, Ruth Little, Emma Bellerby, students and teachers of Canon Barnett Primary School and Elmhurst Primary School, Di’mond Sharma- Joseph, Nathan White.

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17 Chotto Xenos5 Kennedy Jean Louis Fernandez030
18 Chotto Xenos3 Kennedy Jean Louis Fernandez052
20 Chotto Xenos5 Kennedy Jean Louis Fernandez024
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16 Chotto Xenos4 Guilhem Jean Louis Fernandez066
13 Chotto Xenos2 Kennedy Jean Louis Fernandez026
12 Chotto Xenos2 Kennedy Jean Louis Fernandez039

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